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What My Clients Have to Say

I know what it means to deliver outstanding service to my clients. I’m a results-oriented HVAC Contractor committed to providing top of the line contracting services at affordable rates. I work with my clients to ensure all their needs are met. Take a look at some reviews from satisfied clients below.


Los Angeles updated review on: 7/1/2019

"Couldn't be happier. AC was not working, I was prepared for a 1-2 k  cost. Turns out it was a filter. Fixed in 10 minutes. Jay couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful."






Jay's AC Replacement in Woodland Hills..




J S.


Woodland Hills, CA


THESE ARE THE GUYS. CALL THEM. My initial contact with Jay's AC came with an inquiry and inspection about the state of my original-to-construction, 30+ year old, HVAC system, with a concern for what was to be another sweltering West Valley summer.  Jay, himself, came out and expressed, clearly and without pretense, that we would certainly benefit from an upgrade/replacement, but that because our system was still working that we could definitely keep using it. No hard sell, just an honest assessment. Flash forward a few months to this years 'winter', and finding myself with the realization that it was likely time to go ahead and replace the system, I called upon Jay's AC once more, knowing that I was going get the very best service, honest pricing, and a pleasant experience all around. I was not disappointed. In fact, i was, again, very pleased to be the recipient of outstanding service and professionalism. This is something of a rarity anymore, (in any business it would seem), and to be highly valued and appreciated, and prompts me to recommend Jay's AC as a very satisfied customer. 

Thank You Jay, Zack, and all that attended to the installation!

Ron B.

Los Angeles, CA

The induction fan on our furnace started making a loud noise and so we stopped using it during the coldest days this winter.  I called Jay and he came out first to see if he could make a repair, but it became evident that the unit needed replacement.  He picked one up and installed it without marking up the cost of the unit, quick efficient work, and he's a very nice guy as well.  Other places we've used charge more than double the cost of component to install it.  He's going to be our go-to for any other HVAC issues that occur.

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Elizabeth P.

Encino, CA


Jay saved us from this summer heat!
Thank you Jay for your great service?
We couldn't figure out what was wrong with our AC, it just wasn't working good- after being on for 4 hours it would cool down maybe 3 degrees. 

Long story short, we had canoga heat and air check it out and give us an estimate- they gave us some BS estimate for nearly 3k to make all kinds of adjustments and add vents and change ducts etc. 
We decided to get a second opinion, (so glad we did). Jay came over to check it out, went up to attic and fixed the issue in 2 mins... It turns out the register had a cover on it so it wasn't able to suck in enough air. 

Thank you Jay for your great service! I would Definitely recommend him to anyone needing AC repair!

Arlene F. updated review on 6/27/2019


Almost two years ago, My A/C went out during the heat wave in Aug. The company I'd used for over 22 years came out 3 times in one day & couldn't find the problem. When inside my home the temp reached 98 degrees, I got desperate. I called Jay. He came & within 10 minutes, found the problem & showed it to my son. J& his men took care of us with honesty, cleanliness & efficiency.  Last Fri my son noticed a leak & thought it migh be the A/C . I called Jay . He came within an hour. Checked & double checked everything . Was her about 40 min. Said our leak was NOT the A/C but the plumbing in the wall. Jay is THE MOST HONEST businessman I've met in years & highly recommend he & his company to everyone!!!! You can't find anyone better!!!!

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